Artist Exist Creative Agency is based in the most creative city in the world, Los Angeles, California. This is where we make dreams happen. It’s currently the “Wild Wild West” of marketing and branding and what we do is help brands take full advantage of it by thinking outside the box. We build connections with brands and consumers by using the most modern strategies and talented creatives. We base our marketing on a “result-driven” philosophy. Another way we judge our campaigns is with a sense of “winning”. We want our clients and brands to feel momentum in making their next move after a campaign.

Here at Artist Exist we create the most social-dynamic campaigns with the most talented artists using the most engaging content. With our analytics we will consistently deliver the most engaging content for your target market. At the end of then day the most important factor is ROI. It is our duty to ensure that a brand excels to the fullest extent with the resources provided. Though we are not a discount agency, we take very seriously, making our client’s dollar go as far as possible. Our business model is not to make money and get hired for one campaign. Our business model is to maintain relationships with brands and to consistently deliver forever improving campaigns. It is in our best interest to save brands money and to make brands money.

A lot of brands and companies are still marketing on the internet incorrectly. It is not just something you can simply throw money at and hope to succeed. It is based on many ever-changing factors from algorithms to content to consistency, etc. We have creatives who are directors, photographers, music producers, writers, and more working, tirelessly with the branding experts.

Our team is full of experienced and successful artists and branding experts. With social media directors who have worked with Amazon, Nintendo, Lionsgate, Pepsi, + more. Our team also works with some of the most known social media influencers and has delivered campaigns that have received millions and millions of views. But once again, views are great, but the main question is how to deliver revenue from views. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your brand and strategize on how we can help take you to the next level.

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Meet the team

Luke Schuelke

Founder, CEO

John Billington

Director of Operations

Whitney Messo

Marketing Director