Artist Exist Creative Agency is based in the most creative city in the world, Los Angeles, California. This is where we make dreams happen. It is a very unique time in the world with top-level marketing being accessible to small and medium sized companies. In the past to connect with as many customers as you can now would cost millions. It currently is the Wild Wild West of Marketing and it is our goal to help companies take full advantage of it before it’s too late. Companies who sit on their hands in todays age will get lost in the dust. Companies and brands are very lucky.  It has never been so simple to start a business or to express your brand with content.


A lot of brands and companies are still marketing on the internet incorrectly. It is not just something you can simply throw money at and hope to succeed. It is based on many ever-changing factors from algorithms to content to consistency, etc. We have creatives who are directors, photographers, music producers,